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The Deceased

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Here are the deceased characters of note in the game.  This is a reference page for characters still mentioned in playing members posts.  Newly dead are posted at the bottom of the page.



* Leon Damarcus

* Rose Elyse Bernauer





Vasille Tenebroso

The former King of the Tenebroso Dynasty, he was one of the original Vampires and the originator of the Tenebroso bloodline.  He was killed by Genna Tenebroso, his assassination orchestrated by Carolina, Cade, Bastianne (currently MIA), and Dante Tenebroso.  Known as a hard ruler, he also had a reputation for being loose with his fangs for anyone who caught his interest.  Many of the vampires within his Dynasty were turned by Vasille himself.








Jessamine Tenebroso

First and former Queen of the Tenebroso Dynasty, she was Vasille's first Bonded Wife.  Renowned for her understanding nature as well as her grace and beauty, she was nonetheless able to hold the Clan together during the early years of Vasille's tumultuous reign.  Ultimately she was taken down by Carolina Tenebroso.  Caro turned Jessamine's entire Clan against her, starting with her most trusted daughters and sisters.  She was accused of infidelity and betrayal after which Vasille banished her.  Carolina convinced him to order a blood hunt on Jessamine.  Final Death came to the gentle Queen under the fangs of her own Blackguard sons and daughters.





Alexandra DuBellay

One of the most respected and revered members of the Believers Organization of Vampire Hunters (now disbanded).  She was responsible for the success of the New Orleans Motherhouse, was known to buck Table authority, and her training house turned out some of the best hunters in the world.  Her death struck a massive blow to the Organization.








 Sivah Garou

A werewolf of powerful reputation and strength, Sivah is best known for being the only creature to get deep enough into former Believer territory, right up to the front door of the Motherhouse, and kill several of its members.  She was killed on the veranda of the house after having nearly clawed a wall down to get inside to kill them all.





Genna Tenebroso

The murderer of the great King Vasille Tenebroso.  Genna was thought to be just a Royal, a beloved daughter of Carolina.  Vasille had no idea of her battle prowess or the stealth abilities that allowed her to get up close and personal and deliver his Final Death.  After she returned victorious to her Mother and placed Vasille's fangs in the Queen's hands, she disappeared.  Many suspect Caro killed her to keep her quiet.





Marek Tenebroso

Cade Tenebroso's first and eldest son, he was also a contender for the crown of King after Vasille was murdered.  Carolina, wanting no one to step up and attempt to rule at her side, sent Shadow out to kill many of the potential Kings.  But Shadow - who was Bonded to Cade - would not kill Marek, so Carolina sent Genna instead.  Marek's death resulted in an epic battle between Queen and Elder that divided the Clan, but because no one could prove that Carolina actually had Marek killed, the matter settled.  It is rumored that Marek has been mysteriously brought back from Final Death, though no one would dare mention it within hearing distance of the Elder or Queen.


Amelia Tenebroso

Former Bonded of Cade Tenebroso, Amelia was also a political powerhouse in Europe and responsible for fanning the flames of much of the dissent they felt towards the New Orleans Cabals.  She tried to kill Cade to gain his power.  She used her telepathy, combined with their daughter Francesca's, to attempt to mindrape and kill Cade in his sleep.  Even with their combined power, he was too strong and struck back, killing them both.





Francesca Tenebroso

Once a coveted daughter of Cade, Tenebroso Francesca was unwittingly caught up in the powerplay between her parents, Cade and Amelia.  As she lay sleeping, her Mother accessed her telepathy, combining their minds to try and kill her Father.  When Cade struck back, he had no way of knowing that Francesca had been trapped by her Mother's mind, and his resulting blow killed her along with Amelia.








Canis Garou

One half of a legendary werewolf couple that has lived not one, but two lifetimes.  Canis was once Alpha to the entirety of the werewolves in America.  His reign stretched across states and he was obeyed by all.  But he was brought down by the betrayal of some of his own pack.  He was later resurrected by a powerful demon long enough to lead the werewolves in re-taking New Orleans and pushing the vampires out of the city completely.  But once more, internal strife and betrayal ended his life.




Vitrala Garou

Mated wife and Alpha, Vitrala was just as powerful, if not more, than Canis.  She had once ruled her own Pack as Alpha before mating with Canis to rule over all werewolves.  She, alongside Canis, were killed by betrayers of their Pack, but Vitrala took many of them with her into the next life.
She was resurrected by a powerful demon some years later to unite the werewolves, but was killed shortly after the reunification.  No one has ever again accomplished the kind of unity Vitrala and Canis managed.



Zephyr Tenebroso

The black sheep of the Tenebroso Dynasty, Zephyr was a son to both the King and Queen, and a schemer at heart.  He was responsible for some of the most devious plots against members of the Dynasty.  From killing his own sister, deposing his own King,  killing the Regent, to toppling the entire Dynasty, Zephyr has always had a power play in mind.  He was finally killed by the Elder, his ashes given to Carolina.







Ottavio Tenebroso

Prince of Italy and childe of Matteo, he was a vocal member of the European Cabal.  He hated their New Orleans cousins, and took every opportunity to skim money and power from not only them, but from the Europeans as well.  Partners-in-crime with Maceo of France, Ottavio was a snake, but a powerful one.  When he took out a bounty on the Elder and contacted Yvaine to do the job, they came after him.  Ottavio went out in a blaze after he got stuck in Maceo's armory and shoved a grenade in his own mouth nearly taking Cade and Yvaine with him.





Vienne Tenebroso

With her sweet smile and big, innocent eyes, none would have expected Vienne Tenebroso to have been the most vicious and successful First Heir the Dynasty has ever had.  The very first jointly embraced childe of Vasille and Carolina, then King and Queen of the Dynasty, Vienne was poised and perfect.  She was every inch the Royal, but with a deep seated viciousness that gained the loyalty of the Blackguards.  Under her rule, both factions worked together as peacefully as was possible and the Dynasty enjoyed unparalleled superiority in the wars they waged in the early years, with the Royals and Blackguards working as a seamless unit.  But she also had many enemies and those she hated, she poured the full measure of her power upon.  Many lives were made a living Hell by the beautiful Heir, but it wasn't until her brothers, Zephyr and Mikhail, rose up and planned her death that she was taken down...at least for a time.  She knew of their plots, knew her death was near, so as a final 'fuck you', she turned the Blackguards and Royal's against each other in a vicious blood feud that has lasted to this night.  Zephyr would have to rebuild from the ashes.

The brothers mauled her and dumped her body in the Mississippi, but she managed to swim downwards, burying herself in the mud of the riverbed, barely surviving for hundreds of years.  She emerged for a short period of time, once more regaining the title of First Heir, but her reign was short.  Vienne abruptly disappeared; many suspect the Blackguards, others the Royals, and the most outlandish theorize that they worked together to get rid of the powerful vampiress.  Neither side is telling.



Maceo Tenebroso

Former Prince of France











Ciprian Tenebroso

Former Prince of Romania and Bonded to Eris Tenebroso, Ciprian was killed by his then Advisor Camille Antonescu.













The Gevaudan Clan

In a coup of the city, the Tenebroso Dynasty and independent Xian-Lee Gevaudan near-decimated the ageless House of Gevaudan in a single night. Some fled the city and later the country, too few of them left to hope for the beginning of a new clan. In doing so the city was left entirely to the Tenebroso Clan in what would be one of their crowning victories and achievements.







Piers Tenebroso

Once he had control over the Neonate and Fledgling Royals and, like Lisette and her Blackguard's, led them with an unchallenged hand.  He was slick, sneaky and endlessly plotting ... when he wasn't busy whoring it up across the world.  His Royal's grew dissatisfied with his rule but it wasn't until recently that one of them actually got up the gumption to kill him off.  His murdered was orchestrated by Sebastien Tenebroso, a fellow Royal and cousin.  His Final Death, gruesome and showy, was given at the lovely hands of Yvaine Tenebroso.  Parts of his bloody remains were splattered around Lillith Tenebroso's massage parlor, Flesh.  His blood was used to paint a bloody canvas now displayed in the Lotus Nightclub and art house.



Charles Gabriel

The former Mayor of New Orleans, Charles had the distinction of being the first Mayor that could not be bought, swayed, or intimidated by either the vampire or mob presence in New York.  It is no surprise that he was killed for it.  He is survived by three daughters: Claudia, Poet, and Portia.













Lilette Moncrief-Tenebroso

Lilette wasn't always the monster with permanently elongated, razor row fangs filling her mouth, black eyes, and a manic shriek that was part scream, part laughter.  An original and pureblood vampire, Lilette was amongst the first vampires.  Sister to Vasille Tenebroso, she was sweet, curious-natured and possessed the ability to ensnare with her singing voice.  It is a trait that has not been passed down to her descendants. 


No one quite knows when Lilette went from unobtrusive but powerful to outright vicious and homicidal.  The switch happened sometime in the 1600's when she parted from Vasille.  Some say it was a human virus that warped the pureblood vampiress, but her descendants believe she simply let go of her human trappings and let her Beast reign free.  Because of her pure blood, her features became more demonic and she resembled the vampires of modern nightmares. 



She cut a bloody path across the world until Vasille finally caught up with her.  She, dressed in tatters and blood, scorned his human dress and manners.  Vasille could not reason with her and when she tried to feed him her blood, to "make him See", he was forced to kill her...but not before swallowing a mouthful.  Some of Lilette's descendants were hunted down for fear they would become like her.  Others claimed Royal status to avoid a hunt.  Many more, most notably her first childe Kenrick Tenebroso, refused to lie down and instead gave in to instinct.  Because of their human blood they did not become feral, but a viciousness (not unlike madness) spread through him and all those they embraced, giving way to the Blackguard bloodline of the Tenebroso.  The Blackguards of the newer nights can still strike fear into their elders, with their loud hyena's laughs and mad eyes, so reminiscent of Lilette's.




Niklaus Tenebroso

Former King of the Tenebroso Dynasty, he was rumored to be murdered by Carolina, Cade and Shadow in order to regain Carolina's throne.  Little was known about him or his bloodline, but he was powerful enough to declare himself King of the Dynasty and have no opposition, at least, for a time. 










Raphaela Vitali

The cousin of mob kingpins Julian and Franco Vitali, Raphaela was in the city without their knowledge when she met and fell for Samuel Crowe.  She ended up accompanying him on a search for his lost beloved, learning along the way that vampires, werewolves, and demons existed.  After a narrow escape from rogue werewolves at Samuel's side, she parted from him and returned home.  Unknown to her, the blow to the head she had suffered as a result of the fight and escape had done permanent damage.  She went to sleep that night and never woke up, the bleeding in her brain killing her in her sleep.  





Leon Damarcus

Former Alpha of the Je-Rouge werewolves, he was killed by Connor Draga in a bid for power.  He was attacked from behind and slaughtered brutally in front of his entire Pack.












Rose Elyse Bernauer

Former High Priestess of the Bernauer Coven, Rose was killed shortly before the Coven was expelled from Salem.















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