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Kiron Fenn

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Character Name:

Kiron Fenn



The Jè-rouge Wolfpack

Hierarchy Position:


Personal History:

Kiron grew from a street urchin to a lowlife with his hand in every illegal activity in Boston.  Bitten when he was just a kid, he grew up alone and had to learn the hard way to handle the shift and to survive without anyone finding out what he was.  He had brushes with other werewolves but all rejected him for his bitten status.  It remains a massive chip on his shoulder to this day.  

He was twenty-two and competing in illegal underground boxing tournaments when he met Leon Damarcus.  The Je-Rouge didn't give a damn about his bitten status and Kiron found an anchor in the Pack that allowed him to better control his shifts and his aggression - to a point.  After two short months of knowing them, he joined the Pack.

Lusty and dangerous, he tends to restrict himself to his own kind, preferring werewolf women as he claims they are the only ones than can handle him. He has a possessive streak and a is very quick to anger, a trait that tends to make his pack tread carefully.


Face Representation:

Alexander Ludwig







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