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Character Name:

James Tenebroso



The Tenebroso Clan

Hierarchy Position:

Personal History:
James hails from the good old South during the American Civil War era. An officer in the war, he fought along side many of his brothers, friends, and other countrymen to help as he could. Once the war was over, unlike many of his fallen comrades and friends, he couldn't forget what happened to everyone. Unable to return to a normal life, he began to travel around, performing small acts to earn money, food, and clothes. It was during one of his travels that he met Carolina Tenebroso. The woman was definitely different then what he had expected. After several run-ins with her, he found himself being turned into a vampire. Trained by her, then sent to learn some from the Asian Cabal, he has returned home briefly throughout the centuries only to depart again for business reasons.

Having mastered his vampiric abilities as well as social graces, he now has become part of the modern world. Preferring fast cars, motorcycles, and a good hunt, James has always had money coming in from stocks and bonds appropriate from the time period in which he lived as human and the time that has passed. Now-a-days, he can be found either checking his net worth or taking his bike for a spin. One of the few things he loves about the modern society.


Face Representation:

Tom Welling