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Connor Draga

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Character Name:

Connor Draga



The Jè-rouge Wolfpack

Hierarchy Position:


Personal History:

Younger brother of Derik Draga and undoubtedly the more dangerous and ruthless of the two, Derik came to New Orleans with designs on becoming Alpha.  He'd gathered a large group of Packless wolves that were as bloodthirsty as he was and brought them to the city.  Accepted into the Pack because of his brothers standing, Connor waited out his chance to challenge Damarcus.


The time came at the Chase Ceremony.  Connor attacked the unsuspecting Alpha from the back, ripping him to shreds before he'd had a true chance to mount any kind of attack.  And then he silenced those who spoke against him with violence. 


That he is without honor and mercy is a given and he could give a fuck if his pack knows it.  But they had better recognize him as their Alpha because Connor is not above thinning out the ranks to include his most trusted. 

He's brought in several of his packless brothers and sisters, wild and reckless wolves totally loyal to him.  Mad dogs, they are called, though the others are careful to whisper it where they can't hear.


Connor intends to take the city the same way he took the Alpha, with blood and violence.  Vampires don't scare him, Hunters he could give a shit about.  New Orleans is his and he intends to give it to his Pack - whether they want it or not.

Connor is a creature of war, he thrives on violence and runs almost entirely on wolf instinct.  This does not mean that he is a mindless beast.  A charismatic wolf hides behind his silver eyes and he's found it just easy to sway with words as much as claws - if his patience allows.  Derik has never denied himself anything - or anyone - he wanted. 


The only problem bringing this vicious creature up short is Briar, his brother's Mate.  Attracted to her from the instant he scented her, Derik's unreasonable desire to possess her stems from his own lust, his possessiveness, and his need to best his brother in all things.  Add to that Briar's quicksilver tongue and explosive temper and Derik was ready to lay a claiming bite to the back of her neck the moment she opened his mouth.  And he still intends to ... even if he has to go through his brother to do it. 


Only the strong survive.


Face Representation:

Jason Momoa










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