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Briar Fitzgerald

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Character Name:

Briar Fitzgerald



The Jè-rouge Wolfpack

Hierarchy Position:


Personal History:
Ireland in the eighteenth century was not as romance novel perfect as people are led to believe. Ask Briar Fitzgerald, as she was put to work in the poor house to work off her family's debt. It was a matter of honor for her to pay it off, even if it took the rest of her life. In fact her brother, mother and sister were slaves to the poor houses. Her father worked every day to make enough wages to keep the family alive and well.

At six foot 2 inches tall, Briar was tall for the girls of her age and time period. Nineteen years old and over six foot tall with red hair and green eyes, she was a prime target for every lecherous man, old and young and today happened to be no exception. Briar dressed simply as she had very little money to buy party clothes with so, instead, as she made the trek home from the poor house in a simple linen dress, she was grabbed from behind and dragged, screaming, into an alleyway.

She had quite a lot of experience fighting off the riffraff but today was different. Before she could utter another word, she felt the razor sharp teeth rip into her neck and shoulder. The pain was so intense she stopped screaming and could only stare at the tall, wolf-like creature that held her and had her blood dripping from its jaws. The being threw its head toward the moon and let out a howl as she hung from its grasp. Knowing this was her only chance to escape, Briar gathered all her strength and in what she thought was a last act of desperation, ripped herself away, pulling herself to her feet and stumbling toward home. Close to her house, her strength finally gave out. She fell to her knees, passing out on the street. Sympathetic neighbors took her to the house of a woman known for taking care of the sick and injured on the outskirts of town. The woman had seen this kind of injury before and knew that when the full moon came they would need lots of space, so she took Briar to a seemingly abandoned house deep in the forest to recover and treat her.

Her parents were told when no traces of Briar could be found at the house where the neighbors said they had taken her, nor was anyone able to place where she may have been nor had seen her since the neighbors took her to the woman's house. They were told she had most likely been carted off by ne'erdowell people and most likely never be seen again but that they would keep looking. One heartless police officer even told them not to hold out much hope as the girls that disappear this way usually are never found again.

Briar, however, slowly recovered from her wounds, but had a fever that had her hallucinating for quite a while. She would see half man/ half wolf creatures tearing apart the house and advancing on her. She was unconscious a lot of the time. When she was finally recovered enough to learn what she had been turned into, it was nearing the full moon. The woman caring for her, Mary, took her into the forest so she could go through her first change safely and away from prying eyes.

Since then Briar has been looking for a pack to belong to, one that could accept the humanity still in her, the zest for life, honor and loyalty and love that she had to give. She had heard tell of a pack in New Orleans, the Je-Rouge, that seemed to be a perfect fit for her. Now, if only they would accept her.


Face Representation:

Isla Fisher








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