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This page will contain brief outlines of the major events in the Game History (somewhat in order), to give new members an idea of what happened in the past seven (!!!) years of game play.

Samhain Festival (The Beginning of the Game)
Before Vampires took up such a large chunk of the city, there was a Coven of Witches that were the most powerful entities in the city. They came together under the name Flamecrest and commanded the elements, able to distill them into power, most notably over the sun and sunlight. Because of this, Vampires tended to stay out of their direct line of sight. They were led by a Priestess named Maleganta Flamecrest.

During the Festival, they were set to sacrifice thirteen virgins in order to increase the power of their Coven. They were set upon by Believers, but eventually they managed to complete the sacrifices, sending Vampires and Werewolves deeper into the shadow. It wasn't long until someone brought them down.

Downfall of the Flamecrest
Ironically, High Priestess Maleganta was brought down by her followers, not enemy demons. Though she had ruled the Coven for centuries, she had once ruled with her husband Feydor in the past. He'd banished himself early in their marriage to create his own Coven. He returned to the city and with the help of Maleganta's most loyal, namely Nicene and Dasha Flamecrest, he set about bringing her Coven down.

In effort to stay in power, she made a deal with the Tenebroso Queen to defeat Feydor. Never trust a vampire: it was a lesson both Coven's learned too late. Without Maleganta and Feydor at the respective heads of the Covens, they were slaughtered.

Return of Vasille

Up until this point, Vampires had been under the ruling of the Council and its Queen. Her Husband and King had been in Europe for months and word had not been heard of him. He'd seemingly disappeared into the bowels of the city. Carolina was getting ready to announce sole rulership in Vasille's absence. Before she could declare him dead, Cade Tenebroso returned to the city and declared himself potential King as he was of Vasille's bloodline as much as Carolina.

In the interim of them clashing, Vasille returned and with news. Someone had tried to kill him in Europe and he was saved by his brother in blood, a member of the Mal Sombra Tenebroso. Both the news of the King's near miss and of another, previously hidden bloodline shocked the Clan enough for Vasille to re-establish a tight-fisted hold over them and his Queen.

Shadow Conn Mal Sombre, surviving member of the rare bloodline of Tenebroso with the ability to control shadows. She was the linchpin in a pact that would bring both bloodlines back together. In exchange for an alliance, Vasille was to place Shadow as heir to the Tenebroso throne. Most of the Clan was outraged save Cade, who had claimed the tiny shadow-wielder within minutes of her entering the city, and Bonded with her soon after. Plans were being made to oust her from the spot, but despite the scheming, Shadow managed to keep her title for years, and gave it up rather than having it taken from her.

The Beginning of the Packs End
With the Vampires back in power, Canis and Vitrala, leaders of the Werewolf Packs of New Orleans strengthened their walls against the Tenebroso. They were creeping ever further into shifter territory, but had not been able to gain a foothold. Into the calm stepped Benaiah Carcajou; masked demon, unaffiliated half-wolverine skinshifter of dangerous caliber. He tore the Garou apart using massive numbers of drones, flooding the city with them. And he didn't restrict himself to decimating the Garou, he went after the Believers and Tenebroso as well. It was revolution in the streets.

But he also found companionship with one of the Garou, a move that didn't throw a wrench in his bloody plans. Her name was Sivah and once they became Mates, she was his fiercest supporter. Benaiah was later killed, but not until after he'd crippled the Garou without repair, his drones dead, his Mate and her unborn pups slated for death by the remaining sects.

Sivah and the End of the Garou
Sivah Garou became the most hunted creature in the city the moment her Mate died, the blame of his sins falling on her shoulders. She was more than happy to carry them, lashing back with uncontainable fury and grief at his death. She survived for weeks before they closed in.

But instead of waiting for death to come to her, she went looking for it. In an unprecedented move, she attacked the Motherhouse - central command - of the Believer's, and injured dozens before she went down in a hale of bullets. Her death signaled the end of the Garou, all of whom went silent, what was left of them sinking back into the shadows. Vampires emerged once more as the dominant species, with Believers hot on their tails.

The Prodigal
Zephyr Tenebroso, the hated and beloved son of the Tenebroso Clan, second 'borne' and jointly embraced by the King and Queen of the Clan. Before the Tenebroso Clan was as thick with siblings as it is today, he enjoyed unparalleled power, but was always forced a step behind his sister - Vienne. She was the first embraced of the ruling couple and it was she who held the title of First Heir in the early nights, slated to become Queen and sole ruler of the Clan.

Zephyr wasn't about to have that. With his made brother Mikhail, he forced Vienne into the ocean at the break of dawn, no land mass in sight, and left her to the burning rays. He had no idea that she'd swam down as far as she could go, until the light no longer reached her, and remained there, strength sapped, for years.

He returned to the Clan with the 'sad news' of her death and was named First Heir in her place.

It wasn't until centuries later that his part in her death came to light. She'd finally regained enough power to return, blowing the Clan apart with shock. Zephyr immediately went on the run, and Carolina set a Blood Hunt on him, Cade leading it. In his flight, Zephyr kidnapped Shadow to use as leverage. It was then that Cade changed plans and decided to kill Zephyr. The Queen agreed. Zephyr's body was killed, his soul trapped in the body of a black crow to suffer for eternity as his Mother's pet.

The New Prodigal
Lymeria was declared First Heir by Carolina after Zephyr, and no one had any idea why. Lymeria was an unknown, she didn't claim Tenebroso ancestry, but she had a powerful, unseen Sire and the backing of the Queen. No one knew that Lymeria was a half-breed: born a Gypsy witch and embraced as a Vampire years after. She shared a similar past with the Queen of the Tenebroso, and a kinship. Caro allowed no one to question her decision for a time, but when both Lymeria and Dante began being absent for longer periods, the Queen began to worry, about her secrets and theirs. Eventually the position of Heir opened up once more. Both Lymeria and Dante have disappeared.

Downfall of the Believers
Years ago, when the Believers were first formed, their leader was a man named Writ. He discovered the existence of demons and made them known to the Inquisition, who laughed at his ranting. Not fully understanding the world he'd just discovered, he mistakenly made a pact with a demon to ensure that others believed him, that others followed him in his fight to rid the demonic stain from the Earth. Once he had completed his holy cleansing of the Earth, the demon would demand a blood sacrifice. The pact was made, but before anything could come to fruition, Writ was burned at the stake for his beliefs.

One of his students then took up his vision of a world free of demons and continued the Believers, unknowing of the Pact. But the demon still wanted his blood sacrifice and returned later. With Writ dead and the Believers unwilling to honor the pact, he set about destroying them all. The Believers were no match for a demon able to take the forms of their loved ones, infiltrate their chapterhouses.

The Organization was scattered severely and are still recovering to this day.

Werewolf Uprising
The single most disastrous event in demonic history was the Werewolf Uprising of '05. Having been silent for too long, the remaining Garou had been left undisturbed and able to flourish unchecked. In secret they made a deal with a unaffiliated Clan of Vampires to return to New Orleans and take it over, making it werewolf territory. They came in unstoppable droves, forcing any and everyone that was not Garou out of the city. New Orleans was officially a werewolf haven.

Exodus from New Orleans to San Francisco/Death of a King
The Tenebroso retreated to San Francisco after the Werewolf Uprising and attempted to rebuild a new power-base. But many were pissed off, wanted their city back. However, Vasille intended to take over the U.S. from the West Coast. Carolina began to make plans, alongside Cade Tenebroso, Dante Tenebroso, and Bastianne Tenebroso. They were going to kill Vasille. Caro sent her own childe, the now-deceased Genna, to perform the deed. But once he was dead, there was still his childer to contend with. Many of them wanted his throne. Shadow, with her unique powers, was tapped to kill them all. In exchange, she was given the title of Regent of the Clan.

But instead of killing Vasille's childer, Shadow returned false reports, making her own alliances in Europe. Her actions eventually paved the way for the European Tenebroso to usurp Carolina's powers and tied her hands from going after Shadow.

Skinshifter Bloodlines Revamped
In New Orleans, werewolves were running wild. Infighting had begun and despite such a large haven, it was beginning to spill over onto the humans living there. Such was the devastation that a force older than the Earth stepped in to restore balance: Rachna. She brought from the ashes the Mother and Father of all Werewolves - Canis and Vitrala Garou, to restore peace.

After Canis and Vitrala killed the uncontrollable weres, and beat the others back into Packs, some semblance of peace returned to the city. They disappeared shortly after, and into the shaky peace the Tenebroso and remnants of the Believer's returned.

The Tenebroso had more problems, though. Word of Carolina's rule had the European Tenebroso descending on New Orleans to take control, to give her a King to balance her power: Matteo de la Cruz.

Enter the Daywalkers
With the werewolves and Tenebroso walking on eggshells around each other, a new Clan was free to enter New Orleans unchallenged. The House of Gevaudan, a Clan blessed with the ability to walk in the sunlight.

The offspring of Canis and Vitrala eventually began to clamber for power again. They broke off to form their own clans, namely the Lycans under Kahn's rule. They too split, forming the Anarch Lycans under Monte's rule.


The Great Purge
The Tenebroso Dynasty rose and decimated the House of Gevaudan and the Wererwolf Packs in the city.  The attack was unexpected, a stab in the back coming on the heels of peace talks with both factions.  The Tenebroso never had any intention of sharing the city.  When the dust settled, the Dynasty was in complete control of New Orleans and the King Matteo was mysteriously gone.  But the Independents, those who had chosen to duck their heads rather than deal with a city overrun, have begun to resurface.  And some are more powerful than anyone thought.


The attempt to pull the American and European Cabals back into some kind of cohesive Clan, spearheaded by the Regent Shadow Conn.  To stabilize her control over the Princes and France, the Regent had the former Prince Maceo removed and murdered, replacing him with Braylen McTavish.


Plague Attempt
The Believers designed a virus that they hoped would put an end to the Tenebroso menace in New Orleans.  The virus, designed to purge the vampire of all their blood stores and send them into Torpor and then death, succeeded marginally.  The side-effects of placing the virus into the cities water supply to use humans as carriers turned some of the population into ravening madmen that had to be put down.  Several key Tenebroso were effected and dozens of Independents, Clanless and Outcasts were killed before the virus went dormant. 


Believer Pullout

On the heels of the virus catastrophe, the Believers Council decided to give up control of New Orleans for the time being and pulled their people out.  A few die-hards have remained, pairing up with other Independents in the city.


Razing Europe

With no one to exert control over their actions, Carolina, Cade, and Shadow used the Council to decimate the European Cabals, bringing much of the money and power back to the American Cabals.  The war was more brutal and costly than the Tenebroso expected, with many Princes unwilling to give up their territory, titles, and bloodlines.


Empty Coffers

The Tenebroso were broke after the wars with Europe.  The European Cabal was decimated, leaving its Princes and Advisors to either run and hide, or conform into the New Orleans Tenebroso - which many did, unwillingly. 


A new Contender to the Crown?

Marquis, a powerful and charismatic European, has laid claim to the Kingship of the Tenebroso Clan ... to Carolina herself.  He has the funds, the army to do so, now all he needs is the backing of the Clan.


The Je-Rouge and an Uneasy Peace

On the heels of the Tenebroso gaining a new King and a hopefully stabilizing force in the form of Marquis and his childer, Circe, Samuel, and Kiya, a new wave of werewolves descended into the city.  The Je-Rouge, a pack of wolves able to blend with both werewolves and humans.  They came out of the gate roaring, demolishing the Blackguard den of Tenebroso and cutting the Dynasty off at the knees in terms of retaliation.  They pushed the Tenebroso back into the safe haven of the Tenebroso Estate and ... stopped.  They designed a one-sided peace treaty giving them control of the French Quarter and outerlying territories, and restricted where the vampires could hunt and kill.  The Je-Rouge desired peace and a place to flourish. 


The Alpha is dead....long live the Alpha.

The brutal death of Leon Damarcus, Alpha of the Je-Rouge, at the hands of Connor Draga rocked the werewolf Clan and the city.  The challenge was not fairly won and many of the werewolves are discontent with Connor's warlike rule.  He has already banished two of the Pack and plans to bring in the feral wolves outside the city.  He intends war, not peace.






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