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Aiden Tenebroso



The Tenebroso Dynasty

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Personal History:
"It's human guilt your feeling, human obligation. And you have no need of either of those anymore." - Cade Tenebroso

Those were the words his Sire gave to him the first time he'd had to kill a human being to feed, mere hours after his own embrace and still reeling from the revulsion of his existence. But like his 'siblings' before him, being a childe of Elder Cade Tenebroso did not allow for human trappings of emotion. Humanity was stripped away as easily as the discount clothing he wore, replaced by a hunger that was insatiable, by a limitless fortune, and an eternity that stretched fathomless before him.

At two nights old, Aiden had already killed a man, sank his fangs into some nameless throat and bled his victim dry and what's worse, he felt not an ounce of remorse. Embraced accidentally by Giselle Tenebroso, Aiden was several hours turned and already sentenced to death by his grandsire, Cade. He was an unsanctioned turning, a horrible accident by a remorseful Giselle, but her pleas, as always, managed to melt her Father's cold exterior. Cade allowed Aiden his eternity, and claimed the boy as his own childe to shield him from the Queen's wrath.

Slowly, Aiden's humanity was weeded out of his life, and it was not an involuntary process. Coming from a lower class, working family and suddenly being thrust into an endless life, and told, literally, that he could have anything that he desired; couple that with the soul-shaking taste of blood and the constant, insidious whisperings of his human-hating Sire in his ear, and the man that was once Aiden Carter was slowly reborn as the vampire Royal Aiden Tenebroso.


That was one year ago and in the time between he's become the favored son of not only Cade, but his Bonded, Shadow, running a close second to Giselle of course. Though they are separated by a generation, Cade has made no distinction between sire and grandsire. As far as anyone is concerned, Aiden is of Cade's direct bloodline, a son in all ways.

He's come a long way from the questioning neonate at his turning, though he still experiences moments of wonder at his existence. Groomed as a Royal, he's also been instilled with a disregard for titles unless they benefit him. He is still young, but he'll likely be able to pass between the class lines as his sister does, giving him greater advantage in the Clan. Though it may prove to be for nothing as his Sire is vehemently against any of his childer going into Clan politics. He could do nothing about Joost, so he has poured all of his vitriol for politics into Aiden, going so far as to reprimand his own Bonded for instructing Aiden.

But Aiden is a son of the Elder and Regent and has learned - has been taught by Cade himself - that there is nothing he wants that he cannot have. And what he wants is to be involved in Clan politics; he has a particular interest in Europe, not at all limited to the fact that two of his former lovers reside there.

Gia and Luc Tenebroso: he met them during his visit to France with the Regent and Elder and ended up falling hard for both of them. Vastly aware that he is younger than both and with less experience, he's arrogantly proclaimed that he managed to get them both into his bed in a matter of days.
When they showed up in New Orleans, the relationship resumed as if they had never parted and Aiden finds himself in the position of having loyalties that could be - not divided - but strained. After all, it was the Regent, his Sire's Bonded, who was responsible for Luc's Sire's death.

It isn't something they speak of.


Though their polyamorous relationship has since ended, their friendship has not and the three remain as close as when they were sleeping together.  Some nights can find them in each others beds for nostalgia's sake.


His fledgling interest in Clan politics flared to brilliant life after spending time with the two Europeans and Aiden's decided to turn his focus to attaining a place in the Clan.

Face Representation:

Sebastian Stan