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Vampire New Orleans RPG

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This is the companion website for the yahoogroups based play-by-email rpg, Vampire New Orleans [VNO]. The game is set in New Orleans, LA and Europe.

Here you will find a history of the world of VNO, Updates, as well as character pages, rules, and how to join this rpg. Use the sidebar on the right to navigate.

This game is rated R to NC-17. By joining, you are giving your consent that you are over the age of 18.

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Gameplay/Website Updates:

Website Updates:



 Gameplay Updates:

April 2011 Updates


On the heels of the tragedy that the Believer-born virus wrought on the Tenebroso, the Blackguards ( the meat of the Clan, so to speak) staged a violent break from the main bulk of the Tenebroso Dynasty, led by Lisette Tenebroso, their undisputed alpha.  Almost every Royal, including The Queen, the Regent, and the Financier was attacked and wounded in a display that showed the Royal's how vulnerable they were to the Blackguards.
The King, newly returned, in an attempt to keep the Clan from dissolving into a total war largely brought on by the decisions of the Queen of the Clan, Carolina, made the trip into the Blackguard stronghold with only the company of a few enforcers.
There Lise presented him with her terms: dethrone the Queen and they would happily bring their mad hatters asses back into the fold under King Matteo's rule.  Matteo agreed, gladly some would say, and returned to the Tenebroso Estate to call Council...

The Europeans have been hit with a more than double increase of the tithes they pay the American Cabal, the amount raised by Elder Cade Tenebroso.  They came together in their refusal to pay such a high price that would bankrupt them all within several years and presented their concerns to the Regent.  Shadow was undeniably shocked to learn of the raise in tithes as she gave no such order and has determined to get to the bottom of the matter.




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New Orleans has seen many demonic wars over the years.  The fight for supremacy between the now dead Gypsy Witches and the Vampires.  The Werewolf Uprising that saw New Orleans as a skinshifter controlled territory for the first time in centuries.  The House of Gevaudan carving out territory by force.  Always the Tenebroso Clan has had some kind of competition, some clan or sect equally or stronger than they.  In the recent nights, they were faced with not one, but four seperate entities choking the city for control.
The Werewolves, broken into three seperate packs, ruled half the city.  The House of Gevaudan, ancient vampire and the Tenebroso Dynasty shared the rest.  Even across the water, where the Tenebroso Dynasty extended into Europe, were they facing opposition from their own Clan.

The tug for control became too much for the Dynasty Council in America.  Between three of the Councils most powerful members : The Queen, Elder, and Regent, plans were made to rid New Orleans of any opposition permanently.  War had once more come to New Orleans.  It was a two pronged attack.  The Gevaudan and Werewolves would be oblirated first, and then Europe would be placed back under the choke collar of the American Cabal's rule.

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