David Tran Sandalio












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Character Name:

David Tran-Sandalio



The Jè-rouge Wolfpack

Hierarchy Position:


Personal History:
The child of a born (mother) and a bitten werewolf (father), that he was born human came as a great surprise to his parents. He was bitten by his Mother when he turned fifteen. David grew up boxing; his Father owned a boxing ring in Florida for years before they moved to Seattle to remain closer to his Mother's Pack, the Jè-rouge.

He grew up in the Pack, with a temper that was quick to flare up. But he was also a charmer born, getting off on playing humans. To no one's surprise, he entered the world of local politics and is currently a city councilman though his aspirations are higher.

David is one of the most public, politic, faces of the pack and in New Orleans, he's been eyeing the empty Mayor's chair.


Face Representation:

Ian Anthony Dale