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Jerouge Traits

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The Jè-rouge Pack have three different forms they are able to shift into:  human, full-blooded wolf, and half-man/half-beast battle forms.  Because they were human first, they are only able to shift into their battle forms during the full moon.  They can shift to full wolves at will and retain their strength and enhanced senses as humans.



  • Hearing: they are able to hear pitches above and below human and vampire ranges, making it difficult to sneak up on them.


  • Sense of Smell: They can scent fear, arousal, even blood type.  They can use scent alone to locate the path of a prey, and as long as the scent lingers, they can track it.


  • Strength: In their human form, they can match most vampires head-on.  In their battle forms, they are usually unstoppable.


  • Healing: They tend to heal relatively quickly.  Enzymes in their saliva can speed up the healing process on themselves and any number of creatures, including vampires and humans.


  • Aging:  They age at a 3rd of the rate of humans, but are in no way Immortal.


  • Taking Pain:  They can take pain from anyone with a touch, absorbing it into themselves.  The length of time that they can leech pain depends on the severity of the wound as they are experiencing the pain as if it were their own.



  • Red Eyes:  Heightened emotions can produce their signature red, glowing eyes, which are difficult to hide.


  • Silver:  In bullet or blade form, it can pierce the hide of even a werewolf's battle form.  If the silver is not removed in time, death results from massive and swift infection.


  • Wolfsbane: a deadly poison in liquid form, and a massive irritant in powdered form.












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