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Jerouge Hierarchy

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The Jè-rouge pack operate much like their animal brethren.  They are ruled by a single Alpha or an Alpha Pair (a male and female).  Below the Alpha are the Beta's, a primarily warrior class of werewolves tasked with protecting the Pack.  Beneath them, the Omega's, who make up the leadership class of the Pack.  They tend towards more human interaction, they are the faces the Pack presents to the human world as businessmen and women.  They handle PR and finances.


Despite their tendency to remain in their human form, the Jè-rouge do revert to their animalistic ways when a new Alpha is to be chosen, fighting to the death for leadership.


1-2, the leaders of the pack.  They are usually very strong, charismatic, and commanding of loyalty.  If a pair, they can be Mated or not, and are the only ones allowed to make (give the Bite) to new members of the Pack.  Their rule is absolute unless they are challenged.  They must fight their challenger, either to the death or disgrace.



A warrior class of highly trained soldiers, Beta's are not just protectors.  They operate in the human world, usually in positions of security such as detectives, officers, firemen, or wherever their skills are needed for the Pack.  They tend to be more aggressive than Alpha's or Omega's.



They are responsible for protecting the Pack through more public avenues.  They usually hold high profile jobs such as lawyers, news anchors, businesspeople, and authority figures such as Mayor and city councilmembers.  Omega's are typically submissive to the more dominant Beta's, until you get on their bad side.












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