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Past Updates

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November 2016 Updates:


The Je-Rouge pack of werewolves now own the most profitable and powerful part of the city - the French Quarter.  The city no longer belongs to the vampires alone and the wolves are enforcing peace and a no-kill rule in the streets of their territories.  As well, the powerful Bard Candace has entered the city with her retinue of equally powerful and loyal allies and family, providing a third side to the powerful triad now making up the cities leaders.



July 2012 Updates:


  • Gametime has been fastforwarded 3 months into the future from the previous plotlines.  Below is a summary of what happened, game-wide, during those three months.


  • New Orleans - 3 months later...

The European Cabals are dead or in hiding, and scattered...The Tenebroso Dynasty is flat broke, their armies near decimated...The Blackguards barely call themselves Clan, their loyalty hanging by a string...And the Hunters have just set up shop in the heart of the French Quarter.


In the three months since the Princes of Europe forced negotiation and subsequent peace on the Dynasty and the Regent, they grew in strength, numbers, and power.  The oncoming threat was obvious and though not all Princes were involved in the eventual uprising, they were blamed all the same.  

In New Orleans, the Regent and Elder did not have enough men to combat the combined forces of Europe.  They could not get around the Lead Enforcer and so they approached the dangerous, deposed Queen with an offer, a compromise.  Her returned crown for all of the Tenebroso might behind them.  But Carolina did not want only her crown, for she would have to share it with their new King, Niklaus.  They would share his blood on their hands before she agreed to their terms. 


Niklaus disappeared a night later and an hour after, Carolina took her crown with the backing of two of the most powerful members of the Council.


And then...they turned their eye to Europe.


The European Cabals were decimated under the combined ruled of the restored Queen, the Elder, and the Regent, the latter of whom displayed her bloody ruthlessness by performing many of the killings of her Princes...herself.


However, as a result, the Tenebroso coffers were run dry in the coarse of three months of solid war, leaving them scrambling for financial contacts and a gaping opening for the Hunters to return to New Orleans.




March 2012 Updates:


  • A possible war may be coming to Europe.  The Regent has sent inquiry teams to Europe to ascertain whether Eris was working alone or if someone else engineered the attack.  While most of the Princes are cooperative, few are closing their borders.


  • The Princes are fractured - the UK is calling for Prince Braylen of France's removal from his position, feeling they need better representation for their Cabals.


  • The King has gone missing somewhere in Italy, leaving the Clan without a King or Queen and no one willing to fill those particular shoes.  The Elder and Regent are running things from their end, but there seems to be no clear lines of communication between the Council as a whole.



King Matteo has disappeared into Europe.  The Regent sent men after his last location which was Italy.  His plane landed but it was abandoned.  At this point, no one knows whether the King is alive or dead.  


Carolina has resurfaced inside the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, hunting the poor souls of the night.  She happened upon Jaq there and their conversation turned quickly to heavy politics and the past.  Whatever is up the former Queen's sleeve is anyone's guess.

Across town at the Elder and Regent's Plantation, things are considerably less tense after Eris' attack the previous night.  Cade blames the entirety of Europe, not interested in who was or was not involved, and wants a war with Europe if only to bring them to heel and ensure nothing like this happens again.  He and Shadow discuss Eris' actions with the Princes in town, but the inevitable outcome was Eris' slow, painful death.
On a personal note, his childe Constantine entered the city where Cade quickly learned that he no longer trusted his own Bonded, Rayen.  With the Elder's past experiences with ruthless Bonds, Cade went from calm to homicidal in seconds, culminating in an outpouring of telepathic anger that breached the minds of all of his childer and his Bonded painfully.  Claiming he would handle the matter of breaking Constantine's bond with Rayen, he conveniently forgot to tell them just how he's going to accomplish that.  He needs a witches help and there's only one in the city powerful enough to do it - Carolina Tenebroso.  He just has to get it done without revealing her dueling bloodlines to the rest of the Clan...and then there's that little matter of them hating each other.

After being attacked and nearly killed by Eris the previous night, Shadow ordered an inquiry into all of the European Princedoms partly out of anger, partly out of a need to know if Eris acted alone or if this was a bigger plot for her death.  She met with Princes Rei Asurbren, Kollin, and Gebhardt  to discuss the situation concerning Eris' death where both she and the Elder made it clear that Eris was going to die, no matter their arguments.  Fortunately, they didn't put up much of a fight.  The Regent has a lot of business on her plate, including her increasingly acrimonious relationship with Prince Nathaniel and his refusal to let her inquiry teams into his borders as well as facing a power shift in Europe that could weaken her hold over the Princes. 


Lillith consummated the blood bond needed to keep her position as Princess of the Dynasty with Joost, the two sharing an intimate moment that was interrupted by the Elder's painful outburst of fury.  She's now connected, however loosely, to Joost and so the bleed over was intense, but short.  Now she's insanely curious as to why the Elder lost his infamous control. 
Politically, they discussed the possible problems concerning a King- and Queen-less Dynasty and the power vacuum that the Regent and Elder are now filling.  Curiously, there have been no talks to ascend - fear or perhaps appropriate wariness?  No one can seem to hold the position of Queen or King for very long.

Joost completed the blood bond with Lillith, allowing him to keep his position of Prince of the Dynasty.  He handled his Sire, Cade's, outpouring of violence calmly, though the pain left him reeling for a moment.  Adept at politics, the Prince and Princess were soon off to a shared hunt to further cement their bond to each other.
There has been no word as yet from the leader of the Blackguards, Lisette, especially with the King she just pledged her entire sects loyalty to suddenly disappeared.  Will her bonds to the now absent Matteo and the Clan hold in his absence or will she pick up the destructive path she left off?

Cassiel's relationship and romance with Xian seemed to be heating up before business took the handsome, elusive hunter off once more.  Faintly disgruntled, the lovely young Lead Enforcer was swiftly occupied with the return of her sire, Dante.  Not a little concerned, perhaps even pissed, that she's been left out of the security moves being enacted by the Regent and Elder, she and Dante discussed the situation.  They are headed to speak with the Regent. 


Caine was busy hunting juicy, plump young tourists when he was distracted by the scent of fear and pain from Michael.  Unable to resist, he appeared to the young human and, instantly curious, began a conversation that is becoming more interesting by the minute.  It appears young Michael was bitten - but has she turned, and by whom?!

Jaq, hunting in the Ninth Ward, was interrupted by Carolina.  The two immediately dropped into an intense discussion on Clan politics and the current ruling powers of the Council.

Things are tense between Aiden and his two lovers (Gia and Luc) after Eris' execution.  With them both in France, he's decided to focus on convincing his Sire that politics is the path he wants to take and has enlisted his elder brother Constantine into helping him.  While in discussion, they were interrupted by their Sire Cade, where Constantine's worries about his Bonded came to light.  Cade lost control, swamping his bloodline with rage and pain.  They all recovered quickly and while Cade and Constantine resumed their business for the night, Aiden and Shadow dragged themselves onto the veranda for a much needed doze under the night sky...and the eye of several guards.  They were interrupted in short order by the arrival of Dante and Cassiel.  Aiden remained silent, learning as the Regent, Duke, and Lead Enforcer conversed on matters of the clan - not a subject he should have been privy to probably, but whose going to tell the Regent that her Bonded's childe has to leave any room she's in?! 


It seems Iran has even more secrets.  The full-blooded childe of Marek Tenebroso (R.I.P., eldest and most beloved son of Cade Tenebroso) her turning was unsanctioned.  As such, Vasille (R.I.P.) took an interest and gave her into the custody of Maceo (R.I.P.) the former Prince of France.  It seems that Vasille had every intention of revealing Iran's bloodline to her grandsire, but the letters containing the information were intercepted by Maceo and buried.  Iran flounders without protection.  First it was Vasille, then Maceo, then the Queen, all of whom are no longer in positions to help her.  Now it turns out the Prince of Sweden also has claim to Iran.  If the Elder refuses to claim the woman (they have a somewhat acrimonious relationship due to the fact that Iran renounced Marek's bloodline upon their first meeting) then her care defaults to Sweden...along with all of Marek's personal property and monies.

Faith is busy robbing a bank with Romeo.  The old friends/acquaintances/fuckbuddies, ran into each other at Faiths club, Enantiamorph and decided to do the Blackguard bonding thing.  No dinner and roses, no, lets go rob a fucking bank instead!

Yvaine is irritated, and not only because human hitmen came after her, managing an extremely lucky shot that only pissed the assassin off further.  She arrived, spitting mad, at the Tenebroso Estate with the would-be assassin in tow and was met with Sebastien.  Some dangerous banter later and the two are at an impasse - Sebastien wants Yvaine to perform another bloody job for him and Yvaine just wants Sebastien to fuck right off!


Dante has been called from his mission in Asia by the Regent.  Tasked with finding out what exactly is going on in Europe, he made a stop in the UK before returning to New Orleans.  He find's his family without a King and Queen.  His childe and protege, Cassiel the Lead Enforcer has been left out of all the security matters, and the Regent and Elder are running the clan.  There are too many pieces of this puzzle but Dante is slowly putting them all together to figure out what the hell happened in his absence.  Oh and he's been promoted...to Duke, a title he has no idea what to do with, his previous position having been Lead Enforcer.  He'll have to take up politics rather than the gun this time. 


The Princes met in Spain shortly after Eris' execution at Nathaniel's behest.  He has refused to allow the Regent into his borders and urged the others to do the same, only to be shot down.  He further stated his intention to have Braylen removed from his power and someone better suited to represent Europe placed as Prince of France.  None of the Princes supported his bid, so Nathaniel has given Braylen an ultimatum.  Leave Paris and his title, or risk war.

Victoria, Advisor to France, attended the meeting of the Princes.  She sided with her Prince during the heated discussion of Braylen's removal from power.  Lover to the Irish Prince, she returned to France shortly after to secure their borders and prepare for the Regents inquiry teams to arrive.  Victoria is so embroiled with Braylen that she forgot to keep tabs on France and give Shadow updates, a fact that has the Regent wondering at her loyalty.

Braylen was hit with an ultimatum from Nathaniel - leave your title and France, or it's war.  Braylen of course, refused this nonsense.  No one is making him give up the title he earned.  He returned to France to prepare and placed several phone calls with the intent of making allies.  After illuminating conversations with the Princes of Spain and Norway, he has made no decision on whether or not he'll leave Paris, but the strengthening of men at his borders makes it clear he has no intention of giving up his title.

Nathaniel departed Spain, intending to return to the UK but was intercepted by a text message from Camille.  The Romanian Advisor, after seeing the aftermath of Eris' so called trial, decided not to risk her life at the mercy of the Regent and ran, fleeing from New Orleans.  She contacted Fox and he told her to take sanctuary in Monaco.  He's now on his way to meet her and discuss their options.  As well, he's put in a few calls to Luc and Gia, still in France, to provide him with a means of taking Braylen down from the inside.  They agreed, giving Nathaniel an option other than open war. 


Fiona's contempt of the other Princes as well-known and well-voiced as Nathaniel's, the UK Advisor stood with her Maker on both the issue of the Regent and Braylen's removal.  She expressed her scathing disdain before departing with Nathaniel, the two of them no strangers to working alone.  She returned alone to England to prepare for possible war.

Gebhardt seeming none the worse for wear at Eris' death, erred on the side of caution where the Regent was concerned and opened his borders to her teams.  Whether he supports Braylen's rule is still a mystery.

Camille, now in Monaco, had quite a time actually getting to that sanctuary.  She remained in New Orleans after the fashion show to do some shopping.  Then she was called by Prince Rei and bombarded with questions about her former Prince and Eris' death.  The rest of the Princes wanted info on Romania and Eris' status there.  Rei demanded to know where her Prince was.
Under that kind of pressure, Camille eventually admitted that her Prince was dead.  She agreed to a meeting with the Regent but later fled to Monaco to meet with Nathaniel.

Kollin made his thoughts clear on Braylen's running of the European Cabal (he emphatically disagreed with it) and has decided not to back either the French Prince or Nathaniel.  He's prepped his warships in case the possible battle between the two spills over onto his shores.

Ulrika, the German Advisor has spent her time in New Orleans languishing, but now her Prince has called her back to Germany - reasons unknown.


Rayen and Constantine left Spain for New Orleans originally because Rayen wanted to try her hand at New Orleans politics.  Instead of doing politics, she got herself embroiled with Iran's family lineage issue.  That has not gone well.  She's closed the Bond on Constantine numerous times, leading him to believe that she is hiding things and is now dangerous to his unlife, prosperity and potentially the rest of his family.
Constantine has asked Cade to help him destroy the Bond because Rayen committed treason by looking into classified database files for which no one knows how she got the password (Iran is suspected).

In truth, Rayen regards Iran as a sister and like sisters, she would do anything to help and ensure her safety.  Even if that means keeping secrets from her Bonded.

Luc isn't sure who he's more pissed off at - Braylen for getting his sire killed or the Regent for allowing it and then blithely killing off Eris, a European and member of his own cabal without anyone interfering.  Further complicating things is the fact that he's in love with both Gia and Aiden, who has a familial connection with the Regent.  Instead of killing all the things, he called Nathaniel, the only other Prince he knows enough to trust and informed him of Eris' demise and the Regents hand in it.  Now he's found himself willingly embroiled in a plot to overthrow Braylen by providing Nathaniel a way into France if it comes to war.

Gia is languishing in France with Luc, whom she claims to be protecting from himself and missing her second lover, Aiden.  Trained by her sire and an Enforcer as well, Gia knows that whatever Luc is planning, hes going to need her.

Rei, reclusive though he may be, the man is not without power or opinion and is quickly becoming a political force to be reckoned with - whether he wants to be or not.  Not shy about voicing his opinion or demanding answers to the hard questions, whether it be on the fracturing of Europe, the Regents inquiry teams descending into his haven, or the foolishness of his European cousins, Rei is a man who knows how to walk the line.
He opened his princedom to the inquiry and is currently keeping the Regents Enforcers with him in his home in Norway under the guise of 'hosting' them.  Could his purpose simply be to entertain or is there something more sinister going on?
In a show of solidarity with his cousins, he has offered his princedom up as a possible place for Braylen to turn to instead of losing his title to Nathaniel, but Braylen is opposed to any idea that looks as if he's running.

Alysa, the Prince of Monaco, has always allowed sanctuary for any who come to her doors.  It is no different with Camille though she is a little wary.  Aware that Camille is on the run from the Regent and with Alysa is in the precarious position of relying on France - one of the Regent's staunches supporters - for her security, she has to tread carefully.  As well, the Regent's inquiry team will be at her doors within hours and Camille cannot be seen within her haven.

Julian Vitali, after wrapping up the problem of the Davidovitchs, now faces the problem of things being relatively quiet, which is never a good thing for the Mafia and especially in New Orleans.

Michael, the lovely young human, was seemingly attacked in her apartment, a set-up as the vampire was waiting for her.  She met up with Caine by chance and the both of them are trying to determine if she was turned or not what with the fresh bite marks on her neck.  She can't remember much, her mind having shut down on the memories because of her trauma.

Xian has been laying low, observing the fracturing of the Tenebroso Dynasty with glee? apprehension?  No one knows for certain.



October/November 2011 Updates:




  • Darice Tenebroso (adoptable) threw a fashion show/gala in effort to bring some much needed fun and unity to the Tenebroso Clan.  She invited all of her sister Tenebroso to come and model her flashy lingerie.  The show was a success!  Unfortunately, the after party was full of scheming, but what can you expect from this bunch? 


  • Most of the European Cabal that arrived for the fashion show chose to take advantage of the offer of rooms at the Tenebroso Estate and stayed in New Orleans.


  • In the early hours of the next morning, shockwaves shook the Clan as the Regent was attacked in her own home by Eris Tenebroso, a European from the French Cabal.


  •  At the same time, Matteo was across town making another deal with the Blackguards ringleader, Lisette, to turn her mad hatters into his own personal army.


  • In another part of the city, the Mayor was being murdered, opening the political race to all and sundry.



King Matteo spent the initial part of the evening meeting with Masayuki Toritama and Velvette Velour - where Masa introduced Velvette to the King.  The two were still there when Lisette made her presence known via her boots and the bold opening of doors. It was a rude interruption, but the King took it in stride.  After all, he had requested the Blackguard's presence.  A large entrance was to be expected.  After a few brief words between Lisette and Matteo, Matteo dismissed Masa and Velvette.

Then, it was story time.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a bedtime tale.  It was a story of Persian immortals to which Matteo then asked Lisette to allow her Blackguards to be his Immortals, his personal army, with a caveat to stay semi-sane while killing.  Lise, of course, agreed like the mad hatter she was.
After that, his phone rang, Gebhardt and seconds later Gebhardt himself appeared at the Estate, reporting an attack on the Regent by Eris Tenebroso, a European.


Carolina is back in town at the Golden Serpent after a two day "vacation" due to her sudden removal of her position.  The announcement came as a shock to both Carolina and the rest of the clan, and there was some concern as to where she had gone.  Unfortunately, wherever she had gone wasn't relaying information to anyone else in the clan, so her arrival back in town was equally surprising.  Most vampires in New Orleans are unaware of her newly arrived presence.

Cade and Shadow woke to the press of business.  Within an hour of waking both were embroiled in meetings.  Cade departed to a meeting with the assassin YvaineShadow placed calls to every Prince in Europe and scheduling meetings for those who were still in New Orleans.  She also messaged Matteo to set up a time for their meeting. Unbeknownst to her, her Bonded had done the exact same thing.  The meeting premise - the European tithes. Unfortunately, neither vampire met with Matteo.  Circumstances would prevent that meeting yet again.


Shadow met with Braylen and Victoria, spoke briefly with Gebhardt and called Eris into an impromptu meeting at Eris' request.  Upon being asked if she had met the new Prince of Romania, Eris attacked the Regent.  The assault caused a chaotic scene in Cade's office with both vampires ending up in bloody heaps on the floor.  The plantation guards took complete quick control of the situation, along with the help of Prince Gebhard.  Cade returned to the Plantation and instructed Geb to inform the King of what had happened.  Eris was taken into the Plantation's dungeons.

Lisette started her night off in the French quarter where she not so discretely fed in an ally then tossed dead bodies at tourists.  The commotion received a 911 call and soon police were on their way, but instead of heeding clan law to kill discretely and leave no evidence, she threw a body onto the windshield of the news channel 10 van which briefly stalled the human interference while the Blackguards erupted into cheers.  Shortly after she was called into a meeting with Matteo to discuss the future of the Blackguards...


Cassiel has been speaking with Xian all night.  Early in the night he took control of Cassiel's mind to invoke a dream that revolved around becoming a more accomplished fighter.  After several rounds of practice, Xian was pleased with her progress and woke her up.  Now, the only question is what is she going to do with this new found knowledge.  Can she transform what she learned in her mind to the abilities of her body?

Yvaine spent the night delivering a bloody painting (the remains of Piers, whom she had been hired to kill by Sebastien) and speaking with Cade over her sudden bite to his neck on the night of the Blackguard revolt.  Unfortunately, their meeting was cut short due to Eris' attack on the Regent.


Caine hasn't been seen since the fashion show.  Is he just MIA or MIA and plotting with the Blackguards?  Does he know what the King has in mind for them?

Masayuki took the time to meet with the King and introduce Velvette and briefly stood in on the conversation between Lisette and Matteo.  Will he take the information back to Joost, and if he does, what will Joost do with it?

Aiden spent the evening meeting with Iran over the state of her family lineage.  Aiden is reluctant to help as helping her might impact his relationship with his Sire.  However, he’s agreed to try and bridge the gap providing Iran can behave.

Iran is still trying to figure out her family lineage.  She's claimed Vasille, Marek, and Maceo as Sire's, or has she?  All the vampire men who've helped her throughout the years are dead, and since her arrival in New Orleans, she's spent countless nights trying to integrate herself with Cade's lineage by talking to Carolina, Matteo, Vittorio, Jacques, Kollin and Aiden.  All of them have suggested that she talk to the Elder directly, but thus far, she's refused.  Her only hope at having the gap bridged for her is Aiden, and though he's agreed, we can only imagine that he's reluctant to help with such a personal and private matter.

Jaq is out of the loop.  He's been reclusive since the end of the vampire plague.  He was spotted briefly at an occult bookstore, but he was alone.  And why exactly is the head of the LeSombre in New Orleans?  He hasn't said nor has he made any attempts to reconnect with the only other unliving member of his bloodline.

Faith was in the midst of the street chaos with Lisette, the Blackguards and finally the NOPD.  Much to Faith's annoyance she was made to submit to Mad Max - albeit briefly.  Shortly after, she found a cigar and began puffing away while contemplating if firefighters tasted better than cops.  Eventually, the Blackguards scattered, Lisette went to the Tenebroso mansion to meet with Matteo, and discuss the next steps of the Blackguard transformation.

Braylen and Victoria met with the Regent early in the evening where they chatted with her about the state of the European countries, the Princes, and the fallout from Maceo and Ottavio's deaths.  Shadow wants all the lost money found and she wants Braylen to spearhead that effort.  He's agreed and flew back to France to get started on what will likely be a monumental task.  Can Braylen pull it off and find the missing money while increasing his status with the Regent and maintaining his relationships with Victoria and the other European Princes?


Nathaniel and Fiona have had a rough couple of nights.  Lavinia instigated a rift fight between the Sire/Childe and lover duo after attempting to take Fiona from Nathaniel and install her as Italy's Advisor, by force or by death if necessary.  They attended the fashion show, where, after reconciliation, returned to England. 


Camille awoke hungry.  It wasn't surprising given the fact that she had taken an unknown vampire drug the night prior.  Kollin had carried her to a room in the Tenebroso estate. Camille walked downstairs and immediately ran into Sebastien, who was less than cordial in her opinion.  However, she remained ever the gracious guest, found her own food and entered into a conversation with the New Orleans Tenebroso.  It ended when he had to leave on business.

Ulrika arrived in New Orleans for the Fashion show, but didn't attend.  Instead, she chose to keep to herself.  She has plans to reconnect with her Sire at some point.


Kollin awoke with drink and debauchery on his mind.  Upon finding nothing to do in the Tenebroso estate, he meandered over to the riverboat casino where he proceeded to drink himself into oblivion and gamble until the sun rose.  Once the sun had risen, he purchased one of the most expensive suites on the ship with him winnings.

Lavinia met with the King during the fashion show explaining that she had no confidence in the Regent, and not so courteously asking for her removal.  She reminded the King that she along with most of the Europeans were responsible for giving him his crown, a state of affairs he would do well to remember.

Rayen recently moved to New Orleans from Europe.  Could this be the start of a second wave of European immigration into New Orleans?  She spent the night in the Tenebroso mansion, but slipped out before she could introduce herself to the King.  The curious part about this is that she didn't bring her Bonded, Constantine, with her.  Instead of talking to the King, Rayen went to the casino boat and ordered a drink.  She seems to have an aversion to being around a lot of Tenebroso including the European Princes and specifically the Princes of France and Spain.  Curious.


Julian Vitali was woken early in the morning by Franco.  The Vitali warehouses had been broken into by the Russian's. Specifically the Russians Julian had just paid off to avoid any further hassles in a distribution problem.  Julian ordered the cleanup while instructing Franco to gather as much information about the Russian's as possible.
On the return home, Julian learned that Mayor Gabriel was killed in his hotel room, leaving the city ran by the Vice Mayor and a potential election in the future.

Franco Vitali (no longer played) and Julian met with Alexsandr and Yekaterina prior to the lingerie show hosted by Darice.  After the show Franco went to go take care of some business at the Vitali warehouses.  During his visit, he was attacked by the Russian's - Yekaterina specifically, under orders from Aleksandr - and nearly killed, and he knows as well as Julian that a further escalation in the problem could result in an Italian Russian street war in New Orleans.  Of course, open war is not an option for the highly secretive and PR astute Vitalis.  They'll find another way.


Michael spent the night in Le Chat Noir talking with a waitress named Claudia.  They chatted about the benefits of dancing verses the gym.  The two seemed to hit it off well.  Perhaps Michael has made a new friend in New Orleans?


Romeo appeared in town with his Harley a few months back, but he was just as quickly gone on another adventure. Rumor has it that he’s about to return.  Though, what he has in mind for New Orleans is completely up in the air. After all, he's a Blackguard, and what's more unpredictable than a Blackguard?



April 2011 Updates

On the heels of the tragedy that the Believer-born virus wrought on the Tenebroso, the Blackguards ( the meat of the Clan, so to speak) staged a violent break from the main bulk of the Tenebroso Dynasty, led by Lisette Tenebroso, their undisputed alpha. Almost every Royal, including The Queen, the Regent, and the Financier was attacked and wounded in a display that showed the Royal's how vulnerable they were to the Blackguards. The King, newly returned, in an attempt to keep the Clan from dissolving into a total war largely brought on by the decisions of the Queen of the Clan, Carolina, made the trip into the Blackguard stronghold with only the company of a few enforcers.
There Lise presented him with her terms: dethrone the Queen and they would happily bring their mad hatters asses back into the fold under King Matteo's rule. Matteo agreed, gladly some would say, and returned to the Tenebroso Estate to call Council...

The Europeans have been hit with a more than double increase of the tithes they pay the American Cabal, the amount raised by Elder Cade Tenebroso. They came together in their refusal to pay such a high price that would bankrupt them all within several years and presented their concerns to the Regent. Shadow was undeniably shocked to learn of the raise in tithes as she gave no such order and has determined to get to the bottom of the matter.



Feb 2011 Updates

After the tragedy of the virus that left a dozen humans dead, several more infected, and a good number of vampires either dead or still infected, the Believers were prepared to make a move for further territory using UV bullets recently obtained from contacts in Europe.  Instead their ruling council called them all, citing the need for more testing of the virus in Europe.  New Orleans was the only Chapter familiar with widespread usage and they wanted them to spearhead.

With the Believers gone there is an entire swath of territory and an open hole of power in the city.  Who - or - what  will fill it remains to be seen.


The Virus released by the Believers into the cities water systems threw the Tenebroso Clan into chaos, incapacitating its highest ranking member at the time - the Queen.  As well, Aiden, childe of Cade, was also stricken, cutting short the visit to Europe the Elder and Regent were on.  Eventually, with the violently combined forces of the Blackguards led by Lisette, and Xian-Lee Gevaudan, a cure was found and administered.  But not before the Clan could descend into even more severe factions.  The Blackguards are out of control, the Royal's are floundering, and into this chaos has stepped Jaq.  The Le Sombre lord managed to keep the Clan functioning for the duration, and long enough for the King to return from his mysterious sojourn in Europe.


Now, with the Queen and Aiden cured, it remains to be seen just what will come of the Tenebroso Dynasty.


As well, in Europe the Princes have gathered to discuss and determine their continued allegiance to the American Cabal, with no decisions as of yet made.






A possible war may be coming to Europe.  The Regent has sent inquiry teams to Europe to ascertain whether Eris was working alone or if someone else engineered the attack.  While most of the Princes are cooperative, few are closing their borders.
The Princes are fracture - the UK is calling for Prince Braylen of France's removal from his position, feeling they need better representation for their Cabals.
The King has gone missing somewhere in Italy, leaving the Clan without a King or Queen and no one willing to fill those particular shoes.  The Elder and Regent are running things from their end, but there seems to be no clear lines of communication between the Council as a whole.

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