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Luca Vitali

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Luca Vitali



Character Name:
Luca Vitali

The Humans

Vitali Family

Personal History:

Though Luca isn't technically the daughter of Giovanni and Carlotta, she is still blood and circumstances have formed so that she is thought of as their youngest child. In truth Luca is the daughter of Giovanni's beloved brother, his life taken by rivals in a drive-by that took both his brother and his brother's wife. Luca, then seven years old, was taken in by the dangerous couple despite distant families protests. No one protested for long, not when faced with Carlotta's wrath.

She had a fairly normal life growing up. A busy Father, and loving socialite Mother and two overprotective brothers that saw to it she had no boyfriends until she turned 18. By then everyone was either too afraid of Julian and Franco, or her Father's reputation.

Luca has been kept out of the family business on purpose. Not only to keep her safe, but to ensure she doesn't follow in the footsteps of her brothers. Though she chafes at the restraints, she is not ignorant of the dangerous world she lives in. Loved by all who meet her, Luca has an irresistible innocence, to both humans and vampires.

Face Representation:
Kristin Stewart





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