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Character Name:
Shen Tenebroso

Character Clan:
The Tenebroso Dynasty

Hierarchy Position:

Character History:
Shen is often mistaken for a Royal, perhaps because he used to be one.  He tends to fade into the background.  Unfortunately, the moment you forget he's there is the exact moment he strikes.  You're dead on the ground before your stray thought finishes its circuit.  Embraced thirty years ago, he has advanced quickly because of his ability to sit back, assess, and strike when the situation calls for it. 


He, like his 'sister' Lise, was slotted into the Royal's spectrum of the Tenebroso Clan.  And it's safe to say he did considerable damage to the Blackguard's standing while mingling with the best and snobbish of the Dynasty, but political strife eventually pushed him in a different direction.  Silent maneuvering was well and good, but a bloody fist every now and against salved the violent thoughts that often consumed him.

He figured that being a Royal was not his fate when every situation he deduced to how quickly he could kill, and how much blood he could splatter before the death rattle took his victim.  If Lisette ever needed an anchor, Shen would be it, simply because she listens to his council when she can be bothered to.


Character Face:





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