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Outcats were the law-breakers, the rule-benders, the unwanted and the hunted of New Orleans.  They were of all races: Vampire, Human, Wereshifter.  They all shared common bonds - they had broken a Clan or Pack Law, or they'd pissed someone off enough to get them cast out of their comfortable life and into the darkness.  And they all bore the burned tattoo of the Outcast on the backs of their necks or the flanks of their bodies.  They were hunted for sport, most of them never making it more than a day after being burned.  Others were thrown into underground fighting rings, bet on, collared and burned a second time - this time, in ownership.  Others still opted to kill themselves before the rabid masses got a hold of them.  A small percent...fought back, giving the Outcasts the vicious reputation they maintain to this night.

Before New Orleans was overtaken by the Tenebroso Dynasty, the Outcasts had a place in the city.  It was called the Barrens, a mostly dead and junkyard filled strip of land just outside New Orleans.  There they could live in relative peace, with only occasional hunts by vampires raiding through whenever they became bored.  
Eventually the Barrens was overtaken by progress and turned into a upscale shopping district.  The Outcasts scattered underground and for a time, they were forgotten.  Some moved above ground, carefully concealing their tattoo's, to live as normally as possible, staying off the radar. 


Others abandoned New Orleans as soon as it was safe.

But the Tenebroso had not forgotten, and the practice of Outcasting returned with a vengeance shortly after New Orleans was purged of any Clan save the Tenebroso.  Break a Clan Law, offend someone more powerful than you, and you can be taken, burned with the mark of the Outcast, and sent into the night.  If you are lucky, you may get a few miles before Blackguards and Royals' alike are on your trail like hunting dogs after their prey.
Outcasting has become the pinnacle of punishment, even more than Final Death (at least with that, the pain, the fear, would be over).  

The mark itself is burned into the skin via the medieval branding method of a burning fire and carved iron, but the intricate designs use the more modern method of tattooing in and around the burns.  The result is almost beautiful.  

And extremely permanent.








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