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Non-Player Characters (NPC's) are stationary characters in the game that can be controlled by other players (unless specifically noted otherwise) but cannot be killed without moderator permission.  They will encompass bartenders, ghouls, any who had a pivotal role in game but not enough of one to warrant being a full character. 

New characters added at the bottom of the page.




Marcus Gray (Player Controlled)

+ Ghoul, Head of Cade Tenebroso's Personal Enforcers +

Known simply as Gray, Marcus is a ghoul in Cade's employ and one of the most powerful ghouls operating within the Tenebroso Dynasty.  Unlike many of his counterparts, Gray was allowed to keep the entirety of his mind alongside the blood bond to the Elder.  He was allowed to nourish the enhanced strength and speed afforded to him by vampire blood and is given vitae in greater quantities than most ghouls.  He has no fear, but maintains rationality.  As a result he is almost equal the strength of most vampires.  Loyalty has been bred into him, with specific tasks: the protection of the Elder's bloodline being first and foremost.  He leads a small group of mercenary ghouls loyal to Cade and his bloodline alone.



Sean Artell (Player Controlled)

+ Vampire +

Eldest Childe of Aaron Artell










Patrick Artell (Player Controlled)

+ Vampire +

Eldest Childe of Aaron Artell










Valen Artell (Player Controlled)

+ Vampire +

Childe of Aaron Artell











Collin Artell (Player Controlled)

+ Vampire +

Childe of Aaron Artell










Jonas Artell (Player Controlled)

+ Vampire +

Childe of Aaron Artell










Arain Artell (Player Controlled)

+ Vampire +

Youngest Childe of Aaron Artell










Jason Bordelloson (Player Controlled)

+ Human +

Jason is an assassin and one of Candace's close circle of Family.  He is Father to Kayla, a young human witch who inherited her gifts from her Mother - Tamaryl.  The two were due to be married but the full blooded Witch was killed in a horseback riding incident before that could happen.


He is a member of the Celtic rock band 'Spiral Dance'.





Terry Llewellyn (Player Controlled)

+ Welsh Gypsy +

Cousin to Candace and a full-blooded Gypsy warlock.  Before even entering New Orleans for the first times, years prior, he lived in their ancestral homelands; he was seeing a full-blooded Gypsy named Cathy.  They had a little boy named Jordan - also a full blooded Gypsy - who will one day be Terry's legal heir.  Unfortunately Cathy was killed during a mining accident.  She was a geophysicist and mining engineer.


He is a member of the Celtic rock band 'Spiral Dance'.




Cerridwan (Player Controlled)

+ Human Druid +

Independently powerful, she is also a member of the Celtic rock band 'Spiral Dance'.

No one knows her last name but Candace and Aaron Artell.

She is a member of the Celtic rock band 'Spiral Dance'.







Mitch (Player Controlled)

+ Werewolf +

A close friend of the band and especially Cancade, Mitch coordinates security for Candace's Estates while in New Orleans.









Erin Sinclaire (Player Controlled)

+ Human Witch +

She is a member of the Celtic rock band 'Spiral Dance'.









Caspian Bordelloson (Player Controlled)

+ Vampire +

Childe of of Aaron Artell and Jason Bordelloson's great, great Uncle.











Kayla Bordelloson (Player Controlled)

+ Human Witch +

Daughter of Jason Bordelloson and Tamaryl (RIP), she is a witch much like her Mother.








Jordan Llewellyn  (Player Controlled)

+ Human +

Terry Llewellyn's 12 year old son.















Hanna (Player Controlled)

+ Human +

Donald Writt's young ward.











Darshyn Connery (Player Controlled)

+ Werewolf +

Best friend of Aaron's son in Scotland












Mingus and Zev Lykaon

+ Je-Rouge Werewolf Pups +

The sons of Beta werewolves Fenris and Tani Lykaon.











Henry Sinclair (Player Controlled)

+ Bernauer Maester Warlock +

Henry's ancestors joined the Bernauer Coven shortly after the Salem Witch Trials. He's a good friend to Aledric Bernauer and was saddened to have seen him leave.  He was a part of the group that fled Salem and suffered the loss of his whole family.

Sonic Scream/Spell Casting






Character Name:

Character Clan/Cabal:
Outcast (former Tenebroso, American Cabal)

Hierarchy Position:
Death Dealers Weaponsmaster

Character History:
Lucian was formerly of the European Cabal of Princes, particularly Romania, before he committed Diablerie against one of his fellow Princes.  Draining the vampire, he gained the elders strength and power.  The Dynasty as well as the other Princes, sought to bring him down.

However, instead of killing him, the King (then Vasille) gave him another choice.  The man was a seasoned fighter, was already over 1000 years old, and more powerful than that with the stolen blood in his system.  In order to avoid Final Death, he agreed to train a group of specialized soldiers that operated outside Clan Law - the Death Dealers.

Lucian has no problem beating up on his pupils; he'll beat them into the ground, break them, and re-shape them into warriors that rival the prowess of the Asian Cabals (some suspect that to be the ultimate goal).  He bears the mark of the Outcast on his neck.

Character Face:
Michael Sheen
Affiliations for all: The Kievan Princedom

Stanitsa- Advisor – Stanitsa appears to be in his early forties with his hair speckled with gray and thick heavy brows that feature predominantly on his face. He has a very wizened and serious air about him and rarely smiles, much to the relief of his younger subordinates. He has a thick and heavy scar running from his left ear to the corner of his mouth that make his smiles seem, at best, slightly unnerving. A quiet and contemplative man by nature, many of those freshly turned would underestimate his blood thirsty nature only for the old regale them of his bloody exports.

He has an odd history with Lybid. He was at first reluctant to accept a union with the larger confederation of Cossacks because of Lybid as a commander. He feared that her years at court had made her too soft. Interrogating some noble is much more different than ripping apart the corpse of seasoned soldier he argued. Than one day he had the pleasure of fighting together with Lybid on battle. The two recognized the ability of the other and saw that there was an advantage to the others company. He was one of the Cossack leaders to go with Lybid to court on the eventful night the Kievan princedom was formed. He along with the others sat by Lybid as she was at first refused entry. Even when one of the servants let slip to him that he was being considered for a position of great power, he would not move inside. The rest as they say was history. Though it became clear that the prince of Fracne had wanted to name Stanitsa prince of the new kingdom, Stanitsa remained by Lybid and her claim. For an Ataman is not chosen by a prince but by the Cossacky.  To have forced a claim on the people without their consent, his head would have been sent back to the kingdom with the peoples reply.

Ever since that time he has been a Lybid’s right hand man. He can boast that he is one of the few in the Dynasty able to give Lybid bad news without losing his head.

Koryv- is the stereotypical older brother, who has murdered hundreds and lead rebellion against his own leader. He is one of the brothers to come for Lybid at court and is one of her constant companions since her turning. He cares very much for his family even sister, despite the fact that she can be a very difficult person to care for at times. When not in the battlefield he is prone to worrying but rarely voices his doubts, and even than only to his family and wife. He is bonded to Julga, the one person who can bring peace to his mind and worry more than him.

Schek- Schek is the other brother to have come for Lybid when she was in Paris. He was turned around the same time as Lybid but holds the title of younger brother (given his personality this would come as no shock). He is a very straightforward guy who by nature prefers quick action to heavy plotting.  Schek is smart though and can temper his response if he has to, like when his sister threatens to take out his tongue if he keeps on shooting it off without thinking. He is fairly good at taking note and using his surroundings in battle, but he can be a bit clueless socially (especially around non-related women). He is loyal to his sister and takes great pleasure working by her side; it is after all where the best seat in the house is.

Loric- is a polish Kozacky who has worked with Lybid a good many years. He looks like a vampire from a movie set. Handsome, but obviously pale, and dark haired he has sharp noble features, though he doesn’t have an ounce of noble blood in him. He is proud of being a free serf thank you very much. He has fine taste in clothes and colognes and an obvious preference for males which you would have to be suicidal or Schek to tease him about.

He is a gifted telepath and has mastered his family’s ability. He can isolate fragments of a person’s psyche and cause them to rebel against each other. He meet Lybid when they were both interrogators for France and she was the one to discover that Lorinc was not using his full ability, and was hiding what he was truly capable of. Thinking he would have to kill her only to discover that she wasn’t working to her full abilities. A strange camaraderie developed between the two and they both left court together to join the war. They are close friends, or as close as anyone can be to Lybid. He often refers to her by  French maxim or as poppy, for the way blood blooms in her wake, as an affectionate pet name.

Lybid has lent him to the council due to the rumors of his ability, but as then he is reluctant to use his full strength unless he is within the Kievan princedom.  

Julga- Julga was an outsider to the Tenebroso when she was first found by Khoryv. She had attacked him one day thinking that he was one of those strange men that had been hunting her ever since she had been changed. When she descended to attack a stolen sword in hand he turned around and quickly parried away the blow. She stroke back repeatedly, seeking every advantage, fighting dirty, cursing and calling him names she cannot even remember now, and then and there he called her beautiful. He wore her down parry and blow until she was ragged and beaten before him, and still she cursed and spat at him like an abused and angry animal. He questioned her and from her lips and mind gathered the whole sorry story of her existence.  Changed and forgotten and finally hunted.

Khoryv told her that he could not let her remain as she so either she joined a family or she die. Julga agreed to join the Tenebroso, and was surprised when Khoryv insisted that he not be the one to do it because he could not trust himself to be a good sire to her. He told her that his family was divided, busy fighting in other kingdoms wars and it would be difficult to find them and convince them to take her but there were others he knew who would be blessed to have a daughter like her. He took her to the Kerch the closest Cossack family of Tenebroso in the region where she was made childre by their leader. Still, she maintained sharper senses and quicker speed than most even as her strength was weaker than her brethren, but her quick mind and loyalty won her praise among her brethren.

She grew to be an important member of the Kerch family and many years later during their secret rebellion she met Khoryv again. Somewhat perturbed by the rest of his family, she could not help but be drawn to the man who had found her, saved her and called her beautiful even as she had tried to claw out his eyes. As they fought side by side the link between the two grew until neither could ignore it. In the midst of all the bloodshed and insane power plays Koryv and Julga were bonded.

Currently she is one her sister-n-law’s chosen few. For the love of her husband she has become loyal to the rest of his family, and even holds her own small affection toward them. She like her husband tends to worry when not on the battlefield; she is also a pessimist and always prepares for the worse in any situation.
Embraced as one of Matteo’s first Childer, Elijah has always held a special place in the King‘s affections. Early on in his unlife, he demonstrated extreme potential with any weapon he came across and was absolutely lethal in hand-to-hand combat, and because of his possessiveness over his Sire and Matteo’s own protectiveness over Elijah, there was only one real path for him to take: Enforcer. Years of training under the best saw him fit to stand guard over Matteo as he rose to power, finally taking his seat as Head of the European Council.

Eventually, Matteo promoted him to Lead Enforcer of his guard as to give Elijah room to have his own life. He wasn’t pleased by this generous move, but his Sire refused to take ‘no’ for an answer. Since Matteo has taken the title of King over the dynasty, Elijah has been diligently training candidates to make sure he never falls under any harm. As far as loyalty goes - his is unwavering.

Jamie Strachan

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