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Character Name:

Megara Novak



The Jè-rouge Wolfpack

Hierarchy Position:


Personal History:

A wolf by birth, Megara only knew her pack. Knew the wolf aspect of life. Knew the chase and the mating and the children that followed. She had been a nanny of so many at such a young age. She followed in her mother’s footsteps. That's how she met her mate when she was in her late teens. A wild thing he was and a beta just like her. She realized later on he would never be tamed to her. Chase after chase he would go after her but always the next night she would find him with another.


She had hoped that her pregnancy would settle him down. It seemed to work especially once her child was born human. But the joy was short lived when the toddler died. Her mate pushed her away. Blamed her for the loss and the disease. And the chasing stopped. He would go after another and she was abandoned in her sorrow. The being of who she use to be was shattered. She fell from her status of Beta to Omega and quietly in the night left her old pack.


She couldn’t stand seeing her former mate chasing after other women. She couldn’t stand to be reminded on a daily basis that it was her fault her son died. She learned later on through an old pack member that her son passed due to a defective gene that was received from the father. It lessened the guilt she felt. Even though she knew this information it would never bring him back to her. She never bothered to fight to prove him wrong.


And so she wandered for years. Leaving behind the past and Europe for America. It took time to adjust. Took years to get use to the lifestyle but she found some rhythm that kept her going. Then she met Leon Damascus when she settled in Seattle. The insight he brought about his pack caused Megara to miss her own pack. She finally joined the pack with much persuasion on Leon’s part. She remained loyal to him even after the events in Seattle and his challenging. She wanted to remain to herself, in the shadows alone like what she had grown use to but he had other plans. He forced her hand in becoming the "mother of the den" again. He knew her past.


She was terrified to step up to the plate but she did it because she owed him that much. She became the caretaker for the children. Whether they were abandoned or their parents just needed a break the cubs were brought to her to take care of.


She's grown in her position in the pack. Though she still resides at Omega status, Megara cares very much for the children of her pack and becomes aggressive if anything violent happens to them. The position has forced her to interact with many members of the group which has been good. She's relearned to build relationships. 


Face Representation:

Noomi Rapace