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Iris Halloran

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Character Name:

Iris Halloran



The Jè-rouge Wolfpack

Hierarchy Position:


Personal History:

Iris was found by Conriocht Flaherty months after she was bitten.  She grew up in New York and had been on her own for a while, kicked out of her home by her Mother and her Mother's new, leering husband.  She slept in the bus station and showered at the local public gym, skated by the authorities and sang for her food when things got really bad.  Her lovely voice was her saving grace many a night when she would have gone hungry otherwise.


She was bitten while bedding down in the subway tunnels by what she'd thought was a large dog coming out of nowhere and nearly taking a chunk out of her arm.  Wary of hospitals, she cleaned it as best she could and wrapped it herself.  She fell ill that night, shivering and shaking in her makeshift bed, fever and the Change tearing through her body.

When she woke her senses were sharper, she was lighter on her feet, and every little thing sparked an aggression in her that terrified Iris.


She would have killed someone on her first shift because of her lack of control.  Luckily Con found her before the full moon, rummaging in the garbage cans behind his favorite hole-in-the-wall eatery.

Dirty and homeless, Con took pity on her and bought her a meal, then showed her his red eyes, eyes that were exactly like hers whenever she became angry or upset.  Iris felt an immediate kinship with him and even after he introduced her to the rest of the Pack, she tended to gravitate towards him for comfort and safety.


Now, two years since that day Iris has grown into her werewolf side beautifully.  Despite being twenty she remains one of the youngest members of the Pack and everyone tends to be overprotective of her.  The only person who treats her differently is Con.  The two share a strong sibling relationship and that tie is as strong as the others she's formed with the rest of the Pack.


Face Representation:

Katherine McNamara












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